Pro Flight Simulator: The Review

Pro Flight SimulatorWith today’s modern technology, the Pro Flight Simulator can help aspiring pilots and flying enthusiasts can develop their skills through a three-dimensional simulator. Becoming a pilot and being able to smoothly and swiftly operate an aircraft can be very difficult, but learning how to fly is a thrilling and fascinating experience. The Pro Flight Simulator software features a very realistic simulation of flying, from the kind of aircraft to the terrain navigated. This program provides an opportunity for a great number of flying students and aircraft buffs to learn and master the art of flying right at the comfort of their own home. Engineered to greatly resemble familiar places on Earth, this simulation offers users with high quality options to hone and challenge their flying capabilities. Unlike other flight simulators, this program runs on a very minimal set of system requirements and is not too heavy for your computer system to process. Flying now is as easy as any other computer game with the Pro Flight Simulator.

Pro Flight Simulator: Customise Your Experience

The Pro Flight Simulator presents a more realistic approach to flying, where users can select their preferred aircrafts, fly from one of the most familiar airports around the world and go over the chosen terrain and destination. The Pro Flight Simulator program presents the most comprehensive options to mimic real-world pilot training and can fully support the needs of both amateur and professional pilots. Being one of the best simulations available on the market, this program is currently being used on television shows and is recommended by highly reputable professional aviation schools. The terrain is based on the standards and maps of the United States Defense Mapping Agency, so users can expect highly accurate topography and scenery. Weather is one of the most unpredictable factors in flying and can greatly affect a pilot’s efficiency to man the aircraft. Users of the Pro Flight Simulator can freely select the type of weather when they fly and can perk up the flying experience on turbulent and unfriendly skies.

The world data embedded on the Pro Flight Simulator software is top of the class and users can expect that they will experience landing on rough terrains, feel the aircraft’s reactions to the effects of bad weather and even obtain accurate data on planetary movements and alignments. Users can now become a home-based pilot and take a chance on exploring all types of flying conditions. The program features two general time options, namely, daytime and nighttime, which users can exploit and brave the navigation of the world at different visual conditions. The skies can be very clear on daytime and navigation can be flawless when a pilot sees everything without the aid of artificial lights, but it is also very important to learn how to control the aircraft when the breathtaking view of the city lights are your only guides to your destination. The Pro Flight Simulator offers a complete set of options that users can play with.

Pro Flight Simulator: Just Like The Real Thing

The aircraft models on Pro Flight Simulator include the most popular types of aircraft, helicopters and aircraft carriers. The program currently hosts about 120 aircrafts and helicopters. Users are given 20 kinds of flying vehicles to begin with, which include the 1903 Wright Flyer ornithopters, Boeing 747, Pro Flight Simulatormilitary jets and single light planes. The helicopters are as good as the real ones, but some operations have been simplified, like engine handling, to give users the most basic feel of controlling a helicopter with ease. In addition, the simulation using helicopters does not include the over-stresses and consequences are eliminated. In support of the operations on Nimitz and Eisenhower, the flight simulator took the time to include aircraft carriers that are equipped catapults, arrester wires, elevators and the TACAN and FLOLS. This option is presently available for aircrafts utilizing YASim FDM, specifically, the Seahawk, Seafire and the A4F. This aircraft carrier option provides users another avenue to train their aviation skills, because they can try and develop their taking off, locating and landing back on these carriers. The controlled crashes are very well replicated in this training section, where virtual pilots will truly discover the difference between the conventional landing and the landing on the aircraft carrier where catching the main wires is the top priority. Pro Flight Simulator users can also select the elevators if they find it more convenient and taxi off to the hangar.

The Pro Flight Simulator program also simulates the efficiency and lags of the aviation instruments. Users will find that the behavior of these instruments very real and the lags imitated accurately. Virtual pilots can expect gyro drifts and anomalies in the magnetic compass due to aircraft movement, vacuum system failures, degradations and increasing bias and errors. These instruments are also in 3D, fully animated with clickable and interactive cockpits. There are around 20,000 airports available for users to choose from that include a full scenery set. The runways have the actual dimensions, the markers are placed in their actual locations and accurate approach lighting. Large airports also offer taxiways and green center line lights are present when appropriate. The landing skill of the users of Pro Flight Simulator are challenged by sloping runways and trained with the directional lighting that varies with the pilot’s relative view direction.

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The Pro Flight Simulator is fully packed and geared with everything a pilot needs. The program can be jump-started with the easy window launcher, where your selections for your chosen aircraft, the place where you will be leaving and your destination, your preferred airports, the time of day, weather and other environmental conditions. Pro Flight SimulatorUsers can even place the Sun, stars and planets accurately in the sky and can be used by pilots to follow the correct courses in the sky. The Pro Flight Simulator can be synchronized with the actual world-time, adding another realistic feel for the pilots. Joystick and keyboard controls are available, giving virtual pilots more options on how they will control their aircraft. Users can also make use of multiple displays, recording and playback, air-to-air refueling, autopilot features, accessible options in the menu entries, realistic lighting and multiple player game modes over a network. With this 3D simulation, pilots will find a totally new experience in flying with the Pro Flight Simulator – virtual and yet very realistic.

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