One of the best flight simulator games available

Flight Simulator GamesAre you into flight simulator games and you want to try the most realistic, the most mind-blowing and the most played flight simulator of the moment? Then what are you waiting for? Get your hands on ProFlightSimulator now, as it’s one of the best flight simulator games out there. But what makes it so compelling that players worldwide regard it as highly as they do?

Playing flight simulator games:

Flying Experience Is Very Realistic and Genuine

I don’t know about you, but I’ve tried all the flight simulator games out there and couldn’t possibly find one that suited my tastes and at least fulfilled my minimum expectations from such a game. Yet this is because most flight simulator games lack attention to details players put emphasis on. With ProFlightSimulator you will feel the thrill of flying as if you’d be in the aircraft or helicopter itself. There are so many factors that contribute to a realistic experience, like the plane control panel, the weather conditions, sceneries, landscapes, sounds and everything else, that even after you’ll stop playing it and decide to take a break, you’d find it hard to disconnect from it mentally.

Playing flight simulator games: The Choice Airports, Maps and Aircrafts is Huge

Are you a hardcore player? Then test your hardcore demands with ProFlightSimulator and you will find out exactly why it’s the best of the flight simulator games out there. The number of airports, maps and plains is mindboggling, making you feel like you’re actually flying a plane in the real world. In terms of numbers there are over 150 planes you can fly which guarantees you’ll have fun for months to come. Also there are new plane models added monthly so you’re just going to step in a world where something always changes to bring more fun into an already amazing game.

Flight Simulator GamesPlaying flight simulator games: Bonuses

Many flight simulator games have bonuses and ProFlightSimulator doesn’t lack them either. Some of them you’ll enjoy when playing this game number:
Air combat simulation game, Flying Manual for Pro Airplane Pilots, Interactive Landscape Designer and Scenery, software Flight planning application

Last but not least, ProFlightSimulator has the best multiplayer system of all flight simulator games out there, making it excel in this chapter like no other game on the market!

I have been asked how ProFlightSimulator compares to¬†microsoft flight simulator x but I have never played it so can’t comment – Sorry!